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The orders are the foundation upon which are organized and executed the logistic services. In connection with them was been made the basic flow of information, transmitted with different types of communication.
When taking orders, the employees of A Logistics comply the principle for careful recording and checking again the data. The correct data are guarantee for order execution without any problems.


Управление на поръчките


The range of the order management

The management of all orders, received from customers of A Logistics, includes not only the acceptance of each order and its processing. The orders are been tracked until the moment in which the client receives invoices and other documents relating the shipment.
The documents that were been processed in this regard are a subject of careful and comprehensive monitoring, checking and processing.

Order acceptance

Every order can be taken and accepted in the office of A Logistics, but our employees can also go to the office or the production unit, or the client's home, to take the shipment.
The service we offer for door-to-door deliveries save time to the customers and the order management starts from the moment we take them. When accepting shipments from your home, office or production unit begins the management of the order for its transportation from A Logistics.
For every client and every order, we offer personal option of management, according to the type of the order and the customer's requirements.

The time for order processing - another important part of the management

The time for which the order is processed depends on the efficiency of the management. With good organization and cooperation, which the personnel of A Logistics provides, this processing period is been reduced to the shortest possible time.
We know that the total period for shipment delivery, especially for sets, depends on how fast the documents are been processed, all of the data related to the orders, and how quick and organized we communicate with the clients and between us.

A Logistics provides invoices after the assembling of the order or in advance, before the order is been assembled.
The management that is been carried for the orders overtake and then accompany the shipments.
The information that has been processed for the orders, is then been sent to the offices at the end destinations, so they can organize their work upon shipments receiving. That way the offices that need to receive the shipments have the required period to plan and distribute the cargoes and to provide a space for the new shipments before their arrival. Therefore, the organization is been done in time and in advance.
After that, the documents accompany the shipments and they serve as a validation of the content and the end destinations in the need of inspections. In addition, in need of storage in transitional destination with the help of the documents are being achieved faster shipment processing.
The accompanying information provides the ability to track the shipments in the logistical network. That way the customers can obtain information at any time about where are their shipments in every single moment. This is a service especially important and wanted by the costumers of A Logistics.