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The logistic packages which you send with A Logistics are identified easily via labeling them. When they are prepared, certain rules are obeyed – the system GS1 – Bulgaria. This system is internationally admitted and used.



The labels are put on those logistic units:

Number of labels on one package

When the stock is being packaged in pallets, A Logistics puts two identical labels on every pallet – one on the narrow side and one on the wide one for more comfortable identification.

The barcodes on the labels

The labels contain barcodes, which help the fast and easy identification. Besides that, on each single label there is also put a unique series number. After the number is scanned, it is shared via electronic exchange of data and that’s how the physical moving of each logistic unit is connected to the flow of information in electronic way.

Besides the unique series number, the labels also consist of another additional information – number of the consignment itself, also date and information for the commercial units in the consignment. The barcode can be found on the bottom. When the label is put on the packing of the logistic unit, the strokes of the barcode must be placed square to the base.

The series number of the label

Each one of the logistic units, transported from A Logistics has its series number. It can be used again after one year has passed, even longer period from its use for the first time.

The amount and number of commercial units in the packing

On the labels both the amount and the number of the commercial units in the logistic unit are stated. For amount weight, area, volume etc. are stated.

Dates and format of the dates

The dates, which are stated on the labels, include one of the following:

The format of the dates is YY/MM/DD

The sizes of the labels

The sizes of the labels depend on the amount of information, which they contain and of the sizes of the logistic unit, upon which they are put on. Usually they are 105 mm in width, but if they must contain additional information, in suitable format A5, with width 148mm and length 210mm.

Excise labels

The excise labels are put on the packing of the freight, transported by A Logistics for attestation of importation of due excise from businessmen. The information, which the excise label, includes series, number, symbol or certificate for paid excise.

How is the excise label put on?

Putting on the excise label is done in such a way that it is impossible for the package to be opened without tearing the excise label first.

The adhesive base of the excise label embraces fully the contour of the packing in sticking. The base is impregnated, so that when the excise label is put on oily or other products there won’t be any dirtying on the excise labels itself. The cylindrical excise labels stabilize the plastic packing of the products, and besides that they increase the stability when transporting of the packing in palletized packages.

You can admit excise labels of all adhesive materials to A Logistics. If you want to add an image, for example trade-mark, the big excise labels are more suitable.