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A Logistics offers road transports by vans, clothing vans, refrigerated and flatbed cars.


Full load transportRoad transport is a very good addition to the air and sea transport. The combination of these three types of transport is allowing us to deliver your goods to and from anywhere in the world.


A Logistics deals with the organization and carrying out of both domestic and international road transport of all types of partial and complete loads.


No matter what your load is and whether it requires any special temperature conditions or other specific requirements, we will handle the order. No matter the type, danger or size of the load, we will deliver it to the wanted place.





Regular lines of complete transports to / from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS countries, the Near and the Middle East


We offer a diverse portfolio of options that can satisfy all your requirements regarding the accuracy of performance, the transit time, the security and the cost of transport.


Our vehicle fleet has cars of 15svm to 120svm, with load capacity up to 22 tons. We transport all types of partial and complete loads, ensuring timely delivery to our destinations - transport England, transport Spain, transport Italy and other.



Flatbed cars
The flatbed cars offer a quite large space for your load. Their reinforced chassis, extra axles and large load area make the flatbed cars a perfect solution for the carrying out of almost all types of load transports. If you have a load that does not require special conditions (temperature or other), then the flatbed car is the solution for you. The flatbed cars offer floor space of approximate range of 5 to 10 square meters.


High volume hangers
The high volume hangers allow loading of goods in large volume and weight. If your load is too large for a flatbed car, for a truck with van body or others of this type, then you can make use of our high volume hangers.


Clothing vans
A Logistics offers specialized transport (domestic and international) of clothes on hangers by own fleet of clothing vans. They are equipped with all necessary equipment for hanging clothes on hangers and for the quality transportation of the same.


Refrigerated trucks
We carry out refrigerated transport for loads requiring a special temperature regime (for plus and minus temperatures).


Trucks with a height of 3 m (mega)
Trucks of mega type with a useful height of 3 meters allow transporting of bulky and heavy loads. Nevertheless, the trucks fit into the allowed height of 4m on the roads. Moreover, they are a very good solution for intermodal transport.


The vans allow cost effective transport of medium volume loads. If your load weighs from 2-3 to 8 tonnes, then the van is the solution for you.


The bus is a universal solution for any loads that do not require a special temperature regime and are not too heavy on a unit volume base. The best solution is a good assembly of the load in order to make a maximum use of the volume of the car.