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On a weekly basis A Logistics offers specialized international transportation and logistics both for import to and export from Great Britain.


A Logistics works in cooperation with its partners in Great Britain, thanks to which we can offer our clients daily execution of orders to and from any part of Great Britain through our warehouses in London or Leeds.





Groupage lines to Great Britain

A Logistics offers groupage lines to Great Britain from a warehouse in Sofia or London, which depart every Friday and arrive in the respective country in a week's time.


For the purposes of both import and export, we have vehicles for the transportation of express shipments with direct delivery.



Transportation to Great Britain

A Logistics offers the following transportation services to Great Britain:
• Transportation of ADR loads
• Transportation of specialized loads
• Transportation of high-volume and oversized cargo
• Transportation of personal effects
• Customs services, covering the processing and preparation of the necessary documentation
• Warehousing and consolidation of the transported cargo


We are licensed to transport ADR cargo and we have modernly equipped vehicles that guarantee the necessary level of security during transportation of high-volume, ADR, and specialized cargo.



Express services to Great Britain

A Logistics has specialized trucks, ready to depart immediately in cases of express orders for transportation of cargo in urgent cases. Our practice is to work with two  drivers, which ensures continuous transit and door-to-door delivery of the cargo.

Status of shipment

Every shipment to and from Great Britain can be tracked, so You can get information about its status at any time during the execution of the order.


After You fill in the reference number, e-mail, name, and telephone number, A Logistics will give You current information about the movement of Your shipment within five minutes.



Guarantee for the security of Your shipment to Great Britain

A Logistics offers “CARGO” insurance on the shipments during transportation and in this way secures the expenses in case of loss or damage of the transported goods. “CARGO” insurance clauses are internationally accepted and are in force all over the world. Also, they are unified with the original London cargo clauses.



Make an order for transportation to Great Britain

To make an order for transportation to Great Britain, send us an offer inquiry by filling in Your contact information and information about the cargo or call us, using the information provided on our website. We will contact You to answer Your inquiry as soon as possible.



General information

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is an island country in western Europe, which includes over 5100 islands with different size, also called the British Isles. Great Britain is named after the biggest of the British Isles, where England, Wales, and Scotland are located.


The Channel separates Great Britain from the Old Continent. It is 32 km wide in its narrowest part and provides the link with the mainland by water (by ferry) or by train through the 50-kilometre-long Eurotunnel. Travelling through the tunnel, which is dug beneath the strait, takes only 35 minutes, but is more expensive than the journey by ferry, which takes about 4 hours.


Great Britain is a marine country, which is crossed by the Greenwich Meridian. The length of the main road system amounts to 3 497 km of highways and 344 000 km of secondary roads. It is assumed that the left-side movement has been first introduced in Great Britain, since the rules that apply to navigation have later been introduced in road transport as well.

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