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Other servicesStorage in Sofia, Consolidation, Deconsolidation of consignments.

We offer load storage services for short-term and long-term periods, as well as and their consolidation and deconsolidation on place, which allows you to take advantage of more complex logistics solutions, that is to help your business.

With us you can store palletized and non-palletized loads, as well as clothes in boxes and on hangers.


This allows you to use our warehouse base and logistics services to provide complete logistics that will give you the freedom and peace to devote your full attention to your business and let us take care of the logistics.


From taking the load, its transportation and deconsolidation in our warehouse base to re-consolidation and distribution to the end points where the load is needed, you can rely on our professionalism and responsibility and see in our face a reliable partner, through which you will can develop your business and walk ahead with confidence.


Customs brokerage and agency


Preliminary preparation of customs documentation to reduce the time for customs clearance and the storage period in a temporary warehouse under customs control.
A Logistics provides useful documents – Loading request, ADR convention, CMR convention and others.


Customs brokerage


Completion of customs declarations, CMR, EUR1 and preparation of documents for the free movement of goods (T2L)


Customs clearance, incl. deconsolidation, transit to other customs and customs warehousing


The customs brokerage and agency is an integral part of the business in modern time. At its core it is private representative actions of a certain person (customs agent) on behalf of another person (the client). If it is looked at from another aspect, the customs agent can be presented as a kind of intermediary between the pre- and after-customs activities, dealing with the necessary documentation and engagement concerning the transition through customs, customs clearance of the goods and customs deliverance of the same.


This type of brokerage has its own characteristics in terms of the legal norms, on which lies the arrangement between the entities, participating in the transaction, namely the customs agent and the client (the customer).


According to the Bulgarian Procedure Code, the main duties and authorities of the customs agent are limited to three activities: preparation of customs declarations, presentation of goods and adjoining documents for inspection by the customs authorities, and securing of customs duties.


Contract logistics
Logistics solutions for complex projects


Coordination and control of projects at each stage of the transportation
By "contract logistics" (contract logistics) is meant the transfer of the logistics obligation to third party, a logistics company.


One such company shall prepare and implement planning activities of the supply chains, providing physical facilities, storage areas, transport vehicles and anything else needed for the distribution of the loads, processing of orders and taking payments, as well as and the inventory adjoining to this business area. The logistics companies sometimes also are in charge of the relationships with customers in full or partial extent.


The proper logistics management is a very important item in the management structure of a company, as it has a direct impact on the profitability and success of a company. While some companies choose to manage their logistics by themselves, others decide to trust the professionals in this field, and it is often the more effective choice.


The logistics companies often have to study well in details the needs and aspects of the industry, in which they operate logistics, in order to reach optimal logistics solutions and deliver a service of maximum quality.

A Logistics offers the best logistics solutions for your complex projects, relevant to our destinations - groupage Spain, groupage Italy, groupage England and others.