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Partial loads are smaller in volume goods which A Logistics can transport in a short time to your desired destination in the country or abroad. Those include  groupage shipments and packages.



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Differences between Packages and Packets

One or more packets, which are sent by the same consignor and will be received by the same recipient, form a groupage consignment. The consignment is accompanied by a common way-bill for the packages. When the groupage package contains two or more packages, it is called multiple- items consignment.   

Transportation of Items in Cardboard Envelopes

If individual groupage consignments are wrapped in cardboard envelopes, each of these envelopes should be regarded as a separate shipment. 

Services, offered by A Logistics for Customs Processing of Partial Loads 


If customers require special procedures for the release of partial loads from the customs, A Logistics can perform such services.

Fees for Warehousing Arrangements of Partial Loads


After the expiry of a period of 5 working days, a stowage  fee for partial cargo is owed. The sum depends on the weight of the consignment.  


Fees for stowage are divided in the following groups:


- for shipments weighing less than 10 kg

- for shipments weighing from 10 to 50 kg

- for shipments weighing more than 50 kg

 In addition, stowage of partial loads depends on whether they have to be stored in a refrigerator.   

Non-Taxable Minimum and Limit for Charging of VAT for Shipment of Partial Loads

•    For consignments from individuals to individuals –  non-taxable minimum is € 45
•    When the load has a value less than or equal to the minimum non-taxable  one for this cargo there is no duty imposed

-    The limit for non-VAT is € 15


For consignments of partial loads from legal entities to individuals, as well as partial loads from individuals to legal entities – the non-taxable minimum is € 150

When the partial load has a value less than or equal to the stated above non-taxable minimum, no duty is imposed. The exception to this rule are the consignments of partial loads containing perfumes, alcohol or tobacco.

•    The  limit up to which no VAT is charged on such goods is BGN30 or € 15.

- Commercial consignments of partial loads (shipments of legal entities)
The non – taxable minimum for such consignments is € 150. When the value of the goods is less than or equal to this amount, no duty is imposed.

•    An  exception are , however, shipments that contain perfumes, alcohol or tobacco.
•    The limit up to which no VAT is charged is BGN30 or € 15.
•    If the consignments of partial loads are higher than the above value, they are released from customs after a bill of entry is submitted. 

How to Pack Partial Loads


Since partial loads pass through treatment at various points during transportation  and logistics until they reach their destination, they should be packed really well, according to the specifications of each cargo.

General rules:

-    Please, do not overfill the containers or leave them partially filled.
-    Please, follow the requirements for the weight of the corresponding container.
-    Please, use appropriate containers, according to the corresponding partial load:

•    boxes are the most convenient containers as they are available in different sizes and can be secured in various ways.
•    the wooden containers are suitable for partial loads with a greater weight, for example, for machines cardboard envelopes are suitable for lighter papers
•    envelopes with bubbles are suitable for transportation of disks, tapes and small electronic items.