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Logistics of textiles and clothing on hangers


TEXTILE LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION OF GARMENTS ON HANGERSExpress delivery of different of volume consignments of clothing by modern specialized vehicles. Sending and delivery of samples. Transport of production materials. Consolidation and distribution of the finished goods - both clothing on hangers and such packed in boxes. Direct delivery to a store or a warehouse of the client. Guaranteed delivery times.


Delivery on a particular day or at a specific time. Storage. We also offer transportation of groupage shipments of clothing on hangers.


The transport of textiles and clothing on hangers is highly specialized and the most important goal is the ensuring the integrity and the preventing from injury / creasing of the clothes during the all way. For that purpose, they are treated by specially qualified personnel. They must arrive at their final point in the quickest manner and in an excellent commercial appearance, so to be ready for immediate hanging for sale. In order to secure all of this, we take care of all phases of transportation, from loading, through transport itself to delivery at the final point of the destination concerned - England, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland and others.


Transportation of goods under temperature regime


Express delivery, a possibility for transport of groupage shipments.
The goods which require transport under temperature regime are the so-called perishable goods.


The transport of such goods is specified in an Agreement concerning the international transport of perishable foodstuffs and the special transport vehicles designed for these transports. Under this Agreement, and in order the quality of the transported products to be preserved , it is of an essential importance to observe a strict temperature control of the load space during transport, loading and unloading.


For perishable goods are considered any foodstuffs of animal or plant origin, which have a very short sell-by date at ambient temperature. Therefore, these products are stored and transported under a strict temperature regime with constant monitoring.

The transport of such goods in itself is a delicate transport activity also according to other factors. Namely, that any error made in the documentation or omission at the temperature conditions, as well as and delay can lead to deterioration of the load, import denial by the compliance authorities or the recipient to not accept the goods and all damages must be borne by the carrier. Namely for these reasons, we have well trained staff who can handle this type of goods and to ensure a smooth transport of goods under temperature regime. With us you can, at any time, track the status of your consignment.


Transport of oversized loads


TRANSPORTATION OF OVERSIZED GOODSHeavy loads and loads with oversized lengths / widths

As you probably know, in the European Union there are definite rules for the maximum dimensions and weights which are allowed for the road load transport. All loads, exceeding these prescripts, are included in a column "oversized loads" and transport permits, issued by the national or regional authorities, are required for them.


In each country there are different procedures for issuing these permits, but it is a fact that they are required everywhere. These permits include restrictions such as the exact size and weight of the transported load, transport duration, precise route, permitted speed and other specific details about the transport. Of course, this, to a great extent, aggravates the transport of oversized loads in terms of organization and price, of course, and you must have this in mind if you wish to transport such loads.


Anyone in the area can provide you with transport of an ordinary load, but it is not affordable for everyone to transport an oversized load. Such transports are specific, require the necessary organization, transport equipment, knowledge concerning this type of transports and the appropriate corporate organization.