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A Logistics offers regular transportation of groupage shipments and full loads both to and from Portugal. Thanks to our reliable Portuguese partners, we can offer consolidation of smaller shipments and a weekly groupage line to and from Bulgaria.





Transportation of full loads to Portugal

A Logistics offers transportation to Portugal by trailer vans, garment delivery vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, and stake body vehicles. Our specialized vehicles make possible the transportation of fast-moving consumer goods, hanging garment, hazardous loads and other shipments that require transportation under specific conditions.


We have modernly equipped cold storage warehouses in Bulgaria and Portugal, which guarantee proper warehousing of the transported goods and products.

We offer transportation of oversized goods by trucks with carrying capacity of up to 22 tons. We follow the commonly established international standards for security of the transported cargo according to the European agreement, concerning storage and securing of hazardous cargo.



Groupage lines to Portugal

Every Friday A Logistics organizes groupage lines both for import and export of cargo from Portugal.


We offer express shipment of cargo to and from Portugal and provide vehicles with two drivers for delivery of urgent shipments within the agreed period of time.

As to the regular groupage lines, we work with our reliable Portuguese partners, which helps us execute orders in a more flexible and effective way.



Getting information about the status of the order

We have modern equipment, which makes it possible for You to get current information about the status of Your shipment at any time.


Send us our reference number and we will use the contact information You have provided to contact You within a few minutes and inform You about the movement of Your shipment that is being transported to or from Portugal.



Order for transportation to Portugal

For orders or requests for transportation of cargo to and from Portugal, please, contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail. You can also fill in the special request form on our website.


We will answer any question and will offer correct and high-quality services in short terms and at competitive prices.


At any time You can rely on our competent employees and work with them until Your order is fulfilled.



Brief information about Portugal

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula and some of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Spain to the north and north-east and by the Atlantic Ocean to the south.


The territory of Portugal is divided in two parts by the Tagus river, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its territory is mountainous to the north and flat to the south. The climate is Atlantic Mediterranean – one of the hottest in Europe.


The most well-developed branches of the economy are agriculture and industry. Shipbuilding, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and chemical industry are among the most well-developed. As to crops, citrus, olives, vineyards, and cereals are very common. Portugal is also very famous for its fishing and fish processing.


Every year Portugal is visited by thousands of tourists, who are attracted by the good conditions for tourism and recreation, the good roads and the well-developed infrastructure in the country.



Contact A Logistics and send Your request for transportation to Portugal.

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