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Express shipmentsIn uninterrupted transit with two drivers, we carry out deliveries door to door throughout whole Europe and the country with a transit time of 12h (Hungary) to 70h (Spain).


A LOGISTICS is specialized in the carrying out of express deliveries of motor parts, clothes on hangers and deliveries of loads at a specific time.


Why to use express deliveries


Sometimes it is necessary time-sensitive goods to be transported, and such as a task is quite important. The express deliveries have become an integral part of our lives and our busy daily rounds, so we come to help. No matter how much it is planned, sometimes it happens so that situations arise, in which a commodity must be transported for a short time to the destination, whether to keep the image of the company or not to miss financial benefits. Whatever the reason, the fact is that the express deliveries are a service of an exceptional need.


Why to choose us


With our experience and established relationships in the country and Europe, we can offer you a reliable and professional express transportation of goods within the country and in Europe from door to door, as well as to deliver the load at a certain time defined by you.


A Logistics, through its international transport network can offer you export and import of full and groupage express consignments without being necessary to go anywhere. We will take the load from its destination and will deliver it to where it is needed within the stipulated period.


Why is it important


Recently, the express delivery service is becoming increasingly popular. The name itself shows what this kind of service is, namely the transport of a given load in the shortest possible time. Of course, you should not expect impossible things and should provide for the technical time to travel the distance, as well as the time for organization, consolidation and deconsolidation of the consignment, however short it is for the express deliveries.