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Firm A Logistics offers transportational services to and from Belgium to any type of loads, weekly in both directions.




What Services Do We Offer?

транспрот от България до БелгияOur company offers transportation to Belgium with specialised transport of clothes for hangers, dangerous goods, capacity loads and loads in need of special temperature mode.

In the company, you may request  a carriage of a complex load, and if necessary, we provide express deliveries with vans or trucks and two drivers, so that  the order can be completed on time.

Shipments shall be borne and delivered door-to-door service, regardless of the type of transportation, which is used - by land, air or water.

Firm A Logistics supports long-term partner relations with professionals from the field in Belgium. This accounts for easier communication and organization of the loads on local ground.


Tracking of the Consignment

Because we know how important it is for our customers their peace of mind and the delivery of their goods on time, we provide constant information about the location of the consignment, in a very short time after the request from the client; he/she just needs to provide their reference numbers and contact information.

If desired, within the hours of the working day of the request, the client may request a bill of lading with POD (proof of delivery); the client should send his/her reference number via email and his/her contact details.


Insurance of the Goods in Belgium

Because during the transportation, loads are exposed to specific risks or force majeure, the company A Logistics always protects the interests of its customers, by issuing CARGO insurance of the goods. Such insurance covers all damages and costs for any harm or loss of the insured product.


 Application of Transport to Belgium

To request the service “transportation to Belgium”, please, either use the phones to contact us or connect with us by sending an email or fill in online forms for application on our site.


Several Words for Belgium

Belgium is a country in Western Europe. It borders the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, and at northwest - the North Sea. Belgium has a population of more than ten million people and a territory of one thirty thousand square kilometers, which makes it the 17th most densely populated country in the world.

Administrative Belgium is divided into three regions: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia. The last two regions are divided into 5 provinces. Belgium has three official languages - Dutch, French and German.

Due to the transitional geographical position of Belgium, the transportation network is built very well. The rail network is one of the fastest in the world; the road network covers some 120,000 km asphalt streets. Major airports are Brussels International and Ostend. The most important port is Antwerp.

The inner navigation network, transportation of goods by barges, is highly developed. Numerous channels and networks are created, connecting Belgium with the whole of Europe. The inexpensiveness and profitability of the water transport (5 times cheaper than the road one) foreshadows an increase of its usage in the coming years.

In 2002, in Belgium, in Strepy – Thieu, was built the largest navigation elevator in the world - 73 meters high. It connects the rivers Maas and Esko and also France with the Netherlands.



It is good to know that road network in Belgium is supported by the regional governments, which means that road network in Flanders is controlled by the government of Flanders, the road network in Brussels by the government of Brussels, the road network in Wallonia by the government of Wallonia.

The road signs in Flanders are written in Dutch. The same is in the other regions as well and therefore, one and the same sign can be seen in different languages.

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