Transport from Bulgaria to Iran
DestinationsTransport from Bulgaria to Iran

A Logistics offers its clients reliable and regular transportation to and from Iran.   

While your goods are being transported, you can contact us at any time to get information about the status of your shipment.     

Our services are competitively priced, so you get reliable  service at a  pre-agreed deadline.


Details about Transportation Services to Iran

  We are loading goods for Iran every day in some European country.
Full track loads : We do execute direct deliveries from Europe to Iran and from Iran to Europe.

Some of the load we deliver via transshipping in Sofia.

Part loads (Less than track loads):  We consolidate in Sofia from all European countries, than from Sofia goods depart on Iran trucks. We do have lifelong reliable qualified partner in Iran, with offices in Teheran and at the border Bazargan.

We take your shipments the same day or the day after receiving your request from given destination in Iran.               

Types of Goods A Logistics Transports To and From Iran


We are specialized in transport of any type of machines, of any size of machines, including oversized loads; We are specialized in transport of raw materials, including chemistry products, any kind of palletized goods and goods in boxes.


We are specialized in transport of paper on rolls. There is a special warehouse for handling rolls of paper – suitable floor, control of humidity and light, special electric equipment to reload rolls of paper

Fleet Vehicles

Our company cars have lifting capacity of up to 22 tons. These include flatbed and refrigerated trucks and special trucks for the transportation of clothes.    

For oversized loads, we offer you special licensed trucks.

Our vehicles are suitable for the transportation of dangerous cargo and are certified according to EU requirements.  

Additional Services

Along with the transportation of your goods, A Logistics offers additional services: 

Our net of partners in European countries is helping us to make customs representation, we help the exporters with the documentation and we prepare export customs declarations for them, we try to smooth the process of delivery any kind and any size of goods from Europe to Iran.


If you need transportation from the UK to Iran, you can always use our weekly groupage line that departs from the UK.  

To Request this Service:


Most of the transports from Iran to Europe are executed via transshipping in Sofia
Some of the loads get direct delivery in Europe without reloading.

You can request this service by using the form on our site, by sending us an e-mail or to contacting us by phone. 

About Iran:

The distance between Sofia and Tehran is about 3253km. Time zone difference between Bulgaria and Iran is hour and a half.

In order to reach Iran, please, take international route E80. It crosses Bulgaria from Kalotina to Kapitan Andreevo and follows Trakia highway.    

E80 reaches the eastern border of Turkey and Iran.   

The total length of E80, which starts from Lisbon in Portugal and finishes at the border of Turkey with Iran, is 6102 km.

Please, do not hesitate to send a request to A Logistics, regarding transportation to Iran.

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