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Usage of international transport is essential for the development of a given country, its sectors and its industries, as well as for the development of every company that export/import goods and materials. A Logistics is a company that offers services in the fields of transportation and logistics. With our help, you can deliver and receive goods and materials from virtually every point in the world. 


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международен транспрот от А Логистикс

Land Transportation

A Logistics owns cargo trucks and offers its clients the following transportation options:

Maritime Transportation


Regardless, if you have one container or various which you want to send by sea or you expect a delivery of containers, A logistics is your reliable partner for the transportation of goods to and from every major port in the world.   

We offer our customers:


Air Freight Services

A Logistics provides services, regarding the preparation and transportation of goods by air from Sofia airport, Varna airport and Bourgas airport to all parts of the world. 


 We offer our clients the following services:


Combined Transportation

Since A Logistics aims at providing its clients with various and optimal options for the transportation of their goods, we also offer the option of a combined transport:  sea-air and land-sea.


A Logistics carries out all the logistics for the transportation of the loads.