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A Logistics offers weekly transportation to and from Ireland both in terms of import and export.


Thanks to our partners in England, we can take and deliver shipments to and from every place in Ireland through one of our warehouses in London or Leeds.





Organization of the transportation to Ireland

Groupage lines leave a warehouse in Sofia or London every Friday and arrive no later than Thursday on the following week.

Apart from the groupage lines that depart from Sofia or London every Friday, we offer  transport to and from Ireland with direct delivery of the cargo.

In any part of Ireland, A Logistics takes the shipment on the same day or on the following day after the order has been made.



Transportation to Ireland

A Logistics offers its clients transportation to and from Ireland of cargo of all types and sizes, including ADR cargo, high-volume cargo, specialized transportation of hanging garment and temperature-controlled goods.

We offer express shipments – we have trucks and cargo vans that are ready to be used at any time.



Trucks for transportation to Ireland

A Logistics has trucks that are equipped for the transportation of specialized and oversized cargo – garment delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, jumbo truck-trailers, and stake body trucks.

Almost all of the trucks are equipped for the transportation of hazardous substances and objects; they follow the rules and meet all the requirements for environmental protection.



Other specialized services

A Logistics offers the following specialized services, related to its main activity:
• Warehousing, consolidation, and deconsolidation of the shipments
• Filling in, processing and creation of customs documentation


A Logistics gives its customers a feeling of calmness by paying for “CARGO” Insurance (Insurance of goods during transportation) and in this way protects and secures the transported cargo.



Orders for transportation to Ireland

To place an order for transportation of cargo to Ireland, please, call us, send us an e-mail or fill in the request form on our website.



Useful information

Although Ireland is a member of the European Union, it is not party to the Schengen Agreement. So, when transporting shipments to Ireland, one should take into consideration the fact that its visa policy is based on a mutual agreement with England for the establishment of common travel and transport area.


Ireland has a public transport system, which is being developed separately in the two parts of the country, i.e. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Part of the highways in the Republic of Ireland have been built both with state and with private funding, due to which they have the status of paid roads, although they are owned by the Government.


The roads in Northern Ireland are owned by the state and a special Department is responsible for them.


In Ireland, as in many other countries, there are certain goods that cannot be imported or are under a restrictive regime, so this should also be taken into consideration, when transporting goods to Ireland.



Contact A Logistics and send request for transportation to Ireland.


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