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Transport of hanging garments from and to Bulgaria

Importance of the import and the export of fabrics

Bulgaria and Albania are the only European countries, which export fabrics. European Union takes first place in the world on production and export of garments and in within EU Bulgarian together with Albania takes first place in export of fabrics.


транспорт на дрехи на закачалки от и до България

Transportation of hanging garments – important part of the process by which garments reach warehouses and stores

Import and export of garments is part of the activity of lot of companies, because the variety of models, materials, sizes, offered by different foreign manufacturers corresponds to increased criterions of contemporary Bulgarian consumers. It is very important the garments which are imported to come in Bulgaria in good form as well as the garments of Bulgarian manufacturers, exported abroad, to reach their destinations in different countries in good form.

Transport of hanging garments from and to Bulgaria is one of most wanted services for specialized transport of A Logistics.

Transport vehicles for garments

Specialized transport vehicles for hanging garments are used for transport of garments, which are not folded and have to be transported on hangers to retain their good form.

The vehicles could be buses or trucks depending on quantity of garments, which have to be transported. They are equipped with chromed clothing racks on which they hang garments. Tail lift makes easier loading and unloading of the truck.

The trucks of A Logistics are suitable both for transporting of big shipments of garments and parcel transport when there are small batches of several companies for transportation to same destination or country.


Boxes for hanging garments for transportation of small consignments

Specialized boxes designed for transportation of hanging garments are like wardrobes. Garments are put in the boxes through opening in the front. The openings on the both sides of every box make easier their moving.

Because small consignments are transported with parcel transport companies prefer boxes when they have to send small batches of hanging garments.


дрехи на закачалки

Using of warehouses in transportation of hanging garments

When certain company has need of frequently sending of small batches of garments, for its facilitation A Logistics offers storage of the garments in warehouses at suitable conditions. Certain batches of garments can be stored in warehouses until there is enough volume for parcel shipment at consolidation of cargoes or when there is need garments to be transported to destination abroad or to warehouses and shops in Bulgaria.

Requirements of some countries for import of garments

Export batches of garments may need certification of origin signed by the manufacturer. Some countries have restrictions both on export and import of certain types of garments.

Security during transportation of hanging garments

Besides suitable boxes and specialized vehicles A Logistics offer additional cares and security during transportation:

Extra cervices for manufacturers, importers and exporters of garments: