Transport from Europe to Iran
DestinationsTransport from Europe to Iran

Iran is a desirable partner for many European countries when it comes to trade and export of basic commodities.

Iranian retailers and businesses have a special interest in goods produced by the most economically developed countries such as Germany, France and Italy. You can export goods from these and other countries by using the regular freight forwarding lines to Iran provided by A Logistics.


Request freight forwarding services to Iran and we will offer you the most suitable type of vehicle for road transport to Iran in accordance with your needs and the type of goods you want to be shipped.

The demand for basic commodities from the western European countries in Iran
A number of basic goods, light industry products, clothes, certain food products and machines and spare parts are in constant demand in Iran. If you trade with such goods, you can take advantage of the groupage lines offered by A Logistics for regular shipment of smaller items. For bigger loads, you can order a complete load forwarding service to Iran.

Other products which are commonly exported and transported to Iran include pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and others.


Транспорт от Европа до Иран
The daily groupage lines from every European country

A  Logistics maintains daily shipment routes from every European country to Iran. If you have small items they can be shipped on the same day or on the next day via our groupage lines, so you can save time for the delivery.

if you need to reorganize your cargo  in Bulgaria

You can use the storage and re-packaging base of A logistics located in Sofia. We can offer to store your goods whenever necessary as well as assist you with the packaging of the newly formed shipments.

The trade between the European countries and Iran is easier with A Logistic’s Iranian partner

A Logistics has a long-standing partnership with a reliable Iranian partner, and we use their offices in the capital city as well as at the border. We can assist you with establishing contacts with Iranian companies and with deliveries to different destinations in Iran.

We have different vehicles for the different types of cargo

The distance between Western Europe and Iran is around 6,000km. In order to preserve the quality of the goods or cargo being forwarded and to protect it from any adverse weather conditions, we can offer to forward your products with specialized vehicles. Apart from the trucks, we have refrigerated trucks as well as vehicles equipped for carrying clothing (with racks and hangers) as well as vehicles for forwarding hazardous cargo as well as all of the required certificated in accordance to EU and international laws.

We can also offer you special trucks for oversized loads.
we can comply with the requirements and conditions for maintaining the quality of the goods we will forward to Iran for you.  We have a warehouse for paper and rolls located in Sofia, where we can pack your goods with paper packing and then proceed to transport them to Iran.

The route to Iran

apart from the direct forwarding services from Western Europe to Iran, A Logistics offers logistics services including forwarding of consignments which are re-loaded in Sofia to Iran. In order for the goods or cargo to travel a little more than 3,000 km from Bulgaria to Iran, our vehicles use the international E80 road via the Bulgarian Trakiya Highway and reaches the Iranian border with Turkey.

Additional services which we offer in Sofia

We offer storage, customs and other services for customers who choose to re-load their shipments in Sofia