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Транспорт България - ХоландияA Logistics provides the following complete shipments by land, air and water to the Netherlands and back:

•    transportation of groupage cargo
•    Transportation  of carloads
•    transportation of fast moving consumer goods
•    transportation  of clothes for hangers
•    transportation of dangerous goods or consignments – requiring a special mode of transportation
•    transportation of oversized cargo with trucks that can provide a lifting capacity of up to 22 tonnes
•    express orders, which requires two drivers, for the delivery to carried out on time

When carrying out transport services, our company complies with all international requirements, relating to the carriage of different types of loads.

Our trucks are certified for the transport of any type of goods.


Cargo Insurance

To provide peace of mind for  our customers, we issue the insurance "goods during the carriage" (cargo).

With it , we can insure any good, which is transported by virtue of the bill of lading or other contract of carriage, with the any kind of a vehicle, recognized by the law.

The insurer of the load, after payment of premium, takes the responsibility, in  case of an event, covered under the terms of the insurance contract, to compensate the beneficiary;  the purpose of this is for the insured to return to the economic condition in which he was, prior to the event.

The insured value is formed on the basis of the invoiced value of the load plus freight, costs of loading and unloading, insurance premiums, bank commissions and other costs.

Coatings of the insurance are according to Institutional Cargo clauses A, B or C.

Tracking the Shipment 

Another facilitation for our customers is the tracking of the consignment. Within five minutes, you can get information, regarding the whereabouts of your shipment.  

When sending the package, you get  a unique reference number. 

 After the completion of your reference number, your name, phone number, and e-mail, you  will receive a confirmation about the current status of your shipment.   


Request for Service Transport to the Netherlands

Contact us by phone or via email to submit your query or to make your request for transportation to the Netherlands. This can be done also from our site by filling in the special form for requests. 

 We will answer your every question and will cooperate, so that you get a fair and quality service in optimal time at competitive prices.  

At any time, you can rely on our competent staff, with whom you can collaborate until the execution of your order.  


A Few Words about The Netherlands




Kingdom of The Netherlands, called by us Holland, is a state in Northwest Europe, bordering Belgium and Germany. It is a constitutional monarchy.

The distance from Sofia to Amsterdam is 1750 km.
It is one of the most densely populated countries and has the lowest altitude in the world. Amsterdam is the official capital. Hague is the administrative capital, also home of the Queen  and the place, where most embassies are located.
Netherlands is divided into 12 administrative regions, called provinces.
There are two official languages - Dutch and Frisian.

Holland has a very good transport infrastructure. The country is covered in a system of highways, railway lines, as well as a number of channels, which provide fast communication with every point in the country.

Total length of the road network is 125 thousand km. There are 5 thousand km. inland waterways.

In the Netherlands are located two of the biggest European ports - the port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam.


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