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Refrigerated transport is an important part of the transportation of goods. It is widely used for the carriage of perishable goods, which have a short shelf life at a normal temperature. 


A Logistic offers local and international transportation of fast moving, frozen or refrigerated goods which need special temperature control during storage and delivery to a given destination. 

Transportation  of Chilled Products

Goods, which are usually shipped chilled, are: fruits, vegetables and dairy products. They must be kept  at a certain temperature, so that they preserve their quality.


A Logistics uses modern vehicles for specialized transportation of goods, requiring special temperature control. Every minute the temperature is being monitored to ensure it is within the needed range. The company strictly complies with all the requirements of the customers for the cargo. 


Carriage of Frozen Products


The goods that need to be transported frozen are usually meat and marine products. These loads are much easier to transport, because the temperature differences for the maintenance of the cargo, in the frozen state, are slightly higher. 

Cross-docking of FMCG


This service from A Logistics allows goods from the manufacturer or supplier to be transported directly to the customers. The advantages are:

Below is a list of some of the goods which you can transport with the help of A Logistics:


Vehicles and Containers

A Logistics owns modern vehicles which meet the requirements of the Agreement, regarding the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and the special equipment during carriage (ATP - Accord Relative aux Transports Internationaux de Perissables et aux Engins Denrees Speciaux a Utiliser pour ces Transports). 

A Logistics offers also sea transportation of goods, requiring special temperature regime. At the disposal of our clients are our 20 ʹ and 40 containers ʹ, which are: 


A Logistics is a reliable partner for a fast and quality transportation of goods, requiring special temperature control.