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,Consolidation of cargo is carried out through its transportation in containers. Shipping containers are standard-sized and can be transported over long distances; they can also be transferred from one mode of transportation to another, without having to be opened. Transportation with containers facilitates the processing of the load. Since the containers are numbered, they are tracked easily by computer systems.  

Nowadays, transportation with containers helps avoid congestion in ports. In addition, the containers are sealed and thus, protect the transported cargo from damage. The containers also protect the load from theft, since the goods inside are not visible and do not tempt thieves.


Консолидиране на товари


Advantages of consolidation of loads:

Types of Cargo Consolidation: FCL and LCL

Cargo containers for consolidation are two types: FCL and LCL containers. With those containers, the goods are transported to different destinations. Also, traders can transport their goods in separate containers or consolidate the goods of several vendors in a single container if those are of a smaller volume.

FCL (whole containers)

Transportation is carried out both in complete, opened or refrigerated containers, and with the usage of container platforms. Cargo tracking is done easily through the entire time of the transportation.   

The advantages of FCL consolidation are:

Types of FCL shipments:


LCL (groupage, or consolidated containers)

Тhis type of consolidation is used to merge small groupage consignments. The goods are transported in the same container despite being  from different traders. The electronic processing of documents facilitates traders and the tracking of the status of the consignments is performed easily at any time.

The advantages of FCL consolidation are:

Types of LCL transportations:

Popularity of Shipment in Personal Containers

Transportation in containers of personal cars and personal belongings when individuals or families change their residence from one country to another is becoming increasingly popular.