Loading and Unloading Services
A Logistics processes daily large quantities of freights and goods. Loading and unloading are basic operations in their sending and receiving.  For efficient services is needed very good organization of the loading and unloading operations. The good organization that A Logistics achieves is thanks to the organization of the personnel and the use of technology for more intense loading and unloading and at the same time with care for the condition of the freights and goods that are processed.



Loading and Unloading Centers

In the logistic warehouses are being maintained the loading and unloading centers. In them are used modern technologies for faster completion of the operations. The personnel of A Logistics keeps continuous organization in the warehouses not only for schedules loading and unloading for regular group transportations, but also for set of freights for individual clients.

Loading and unloading operations when using intermodal transport

The intermodal transport is one of the main combinations of the logistical routes in the activity of A Logistics. Combining two types of transport, which is the most common solution, shortens the transportation time and reduces the total cost of the transport for the clients. When transferring freights and goods from the one type of transport to the other, most often from water transport to road or rail transport, loading and unloading are very important transitional steps. The staff of A Logistics organize these steps very fast and they are very careful about the integrity and the good condition of the cargo units' packages and their contents.

The principles that A Logistics follows in loading and unloading operations

Inspection is one of the main activities in the loading and unloading services and their preparation

During loading and unloading of cargo and goods, there are regular inspections of:


The use of conveyor lines for last loading and unloading, with care for the cargo and the goods

The conveyors have large contribution for the fast loading and unloading. The packaged units for loading in the transportation vehicles move quickly on the conveyor lines. Modern conveyors are with low energy consumption and that way the total costs do not increase significantly.

The future of the conveyor mechanisms - electronic engines

In the future is planned the use of electronic engines, with integrated electronic, which are going to ease more the management of the conveyors with very low electricity consumption for their use.