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You can always rely on A Logistics to send  your groupage consignments to your desired destination by taking advantage of this type of transportation.


групажна пратка от А Логистикс


We respond to the ever growing needs of many companies to ship small consignments worldwide by offering transportation and logistics of groupage consignments . In order to offer to our customers the best possible conditions,  our company A Logistics undertakes regular and express deliveries of groupage consignments to different destinations; apart from the competitive prices, we offer a confirmation of delivery of your consignment groupage as soon as shipment is complete. 


Advantages of Using our Transportation Services for Groupage Cargo


A Logistics offers you groupage routes to and from different European countries: England, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and others.

 In addition, we offer local transportation of your consignments to different destinations  in the country. We use roads, part of the national road network, as well as first-to-third class roads.

Modes of Transport for the Delivery of Groupage Cargo

Land transportation:



Sea transportation with routes for grouped consignments:


 Combined transportation:


Requirements for the Volume and Weight of the Groupage Consignments

A Logistics requires that the groupage consignments weight up to 70kg. Volume and weight requirements are combined  in the so-called volume weight, which is calculated when you multiply the height by the length by the width of the package, and then divide the resulting number by  6,000. When the actual weight and volume are different, your groupage consignments will be billed, according to the higher of the two values.

You can calculate the volume weight in advance; in addition, your shipment will be officially weighed in the warehouses of A Logistics.  

Forbidden Cargo


Insurance Coverage of Your Shipment

Insurance of consignments shall be carried out in accordance with the international general conditions and clauses for the insurance. Customers of A Logistics can insure their shipments. They must pay insurance fees when they deliver the consignment to the courier of the company.

Insurance Options and Deadlines for Delivery

Prices are set, according to the zone in which the destination is located. The deadline for delivery of groupage consignments depends on the area and can be from one to five working days.  The term of delivery begins on the second working day after the shipment is accepted by A Logistics.  

Charging VAT on transportation of GroupageConsignments

 From 1 January 2007 Bulgarian is a Member State of the European Union. From this date on, VAT is charged on the transportation costs for shipment of goods within Member States of the European Union.