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A Logistics offers weekly transportation of groupage and full loads both to and from Spain.





Services we offer in transportation to Spain


We offer specialized transportation to Spain of hanging garment, ADR cargo, high-volume cargo, and temperature-controlled cargo.


You can make requests for transportation of full loads, including express transportation by cargo vans or trucks with two drivers.


For transportation of cargo from Spain to Georgia or Iran, A Logistics offers a weekly groupage line from Spain with re-loading in Sofia.



Partnerships and warehouses in Spain


A Logistics has long-term partnerships with Spanish companies, specializing in the field. It has warehouses in some of the key points in transport – Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, which makes local communication and organization easier.



Information about the status of the shipment


A Logistics will provide its clients with information about the current status of the transported cargo within a few minutes after they have made a request with our reference number and their contact information.


After You send us an email with our reference number and Your contact information, within the same working day you will receive request for bill of lading of delivered goods – POD (proof of delivery).



Insurance of cargo transported to Spain


Since every cargo is exposed to specific risk during transportation, A Logistics protects the interests of its clients through “CARGO” insurance of the shipments. This insurance covers all damages and expenses in case of damage or loss of the transported goods.



Orders for transportation to Spain


To make an order for transportation of goods to Spain, You can call by phone, write an e-mail or fill the request form on our website.


Quality and reliability in the offered services is our top priority and our clients rely on the security we offer as reliable partners to their business.



Information about Spain


Spain is located in south-western Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. To the west it is bordered by Portugal and to the north-east it is bordered by Gibraltar and Andorra, all of which are located on the Iberian Peninsula, too. Spain is bordered by Morocco to the south.


Some of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as others, are also part of Spain.


Spain is a mountainous country as a whole. Most of its territory is occupied by the huge Meseta Plateau. Apart from the Pyrenees, which the peninsula is named after, there are many other mountains in the country –  the Andalusian Mountains, the Iberian Mountains, the Catalonian Mountains, etc.


Spain is subdivided into 17 politically autonomous communities and 50 administrative provinces. The largest autonomous community is Castile and Leon.

Spain is predominantly an industrial-agrarian country and some of its main branches are automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, chemical industry, textile industry. High-quality Spanish olive oil, olives, and wine are among the best and are popular worldwide.


Spanish economy relies heavily on international tourism, which accounts for a large part of its income and provides workplaces for a significant portion of the population.

During recent years the Spanish transport system has been reorganized and modernized, as a result of which it has become one of the best and most convenient transport systems in Europe. It continues to expand and develop at a rapid pace: new stretches of highways are being built and the infrastructure and transport in the whole country are being improved.

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