The packing is the last operation in forming the packages for transportation. It is done depending on the specifics of the stocks and can be combined with the service storing.

If needed packing for small units A Logistics offers that service that give the clients a choice in the amount in one package and a choice in the materials for the packages.

For assuredly packing and for the protection of big packings, containing packages with stocks, are used wrapping tapes. For protection of opening we offer sealing for the ready packages.


If you have specific queries about an offer related to the packing and packaging of your cargo, please contact us.


Опаковане и пакетиране

Kinds packed units and small amounts of stocks

The stocks which are given to the specialists from A Logistics, are in packed kind like small units, they can be boxes and packets.

According to the kind of the packing of the small units, both the consolidation and the way of amalgamation are chosen in big packed packages - on pallets and in containers. For protection of the one units, and for the protection of easily breakable unit’s stocks, are used additional tight materials for protection of breaking.

Packing of unit’s stocks on pallets - advantages

A Logistics offers also packing on pallets with two bottoms. This eases the loading and unloading, as the pallets can be turned on both bottoms. Those advantages lower the price of the packing in pallets and that way of packing is much demanded.

Packing tapes

A Logistics use packing tapes from plastic or paper for reliable fastening of the packing on the stock. They are tearing resisted, both on length and width.

The tapes have different width, which is chosen depending on the size of the packing.
The packing tapes can be also adhesive, which means self-glued. For unpacking they can be easily torn and they do not leave traces of the adhesive material.

Using of the transparent tapes gives the opportunity for easy reading of the labels and the barcodes on the packings. The packings from A Logistics protect the packed stocks from adulteration.

The protection from adulteration is achieved via printing the firm logo, barcodes, or of other information by choice of the clients on the protective labels and packing tapes. Besides that, the putting of a logo on the packings helps the additional advertisement for the brands.

Ensuring the protection for the packings via stamp

The stamps are seals, which are put on the packings themselves. They can be of different materials, plastic, metal, wire etc. After their putting, they are registered in documents. Until arriving to the recipients in the endmost destination it can't be done undetected opening of the packings with stamps