Rail and Multimodal transport to Iran
ServicesRail and Multimodal transport to Iran

The majority of transportation in Iran is road-based. For more than 15years now we have been performing most competitive solution for delivery from all Europe to Iran via transshipping in our Sofia depot. 





We provide competitive service for both FULL and PART loads. Everyday we make export customs clearance for Iran in some European country.


We have regular groupage lines Great Britain Iran, France Iran, Spain Iran, Portugal Iran, Germany Iran, Austria Iran, Switzerland Iran, Italy Iran, Poland Iran, Sweden Iran, Finland Iran, Czech Iran, Bulgaria Iran.


We use any type of trucks on the route from Europe to Sofia – van, 6m truck, 13.60m truck, 15.40m trucks, tilt, box, frigo trucks. From Sofia to Iran we do use Iranian trucks. 


As of Covid19 situation many borders are closed and road transport to Iran is blocked at the moment. For a while we have been doing deliveries via Azerbaijan. Now that is no longer possible either, so we have prepared solution to deliver to Iran by RAIL.


At the moment cost for rail transport is much more expensive than road transport , our fee includes reloading fees, transit documents fees, however we have prepared this option so we don’t stop the supply chain of our clients. 


We do manage to provide transport solution by rail to Iran and that is much appreciated  by our regular customers with urgent loads to Iran.


Our clients are grateful for our efforts in providing a multimodal transport to Iran.  


If you have ready urgent goods, please send us inquiry on sales@alogistics.bg and we will offer you accordingly